what is a cd project?

Selecting CD Project will allow you to obtain both mechanical and DPD (digital phonorecord delivery) rights for your project. In some cases your project may also need to include the rights to either print lyrics in a CD jacket or make them available as part of the DPD purchase. You can add these rights to your Mechanical License by selecting the configuration "-lyrics" option.  


If we control the artist recording it will show up under the recordings section of the Song Detail page and be labeled "Y" next to the “controlled” option. When you request your license, if we control the artist recording you can select the "Artist Recording" configuration that matches the first configuration you selected.

Please note: we do not license artist recordings for digital download configurations.

Please note that CD projects are only available to non-commercial users. If you are a commercial user that plans to distribute more than 10,000 units of a project, check out our FAQ page on how to request a commercial account.

Possible configurations
  • CD
  • CD- Lyrics
  • CD (Artist Recording)
  • DPD (Digital Download Audio)
  • Rehearsal Tracks
  • Rehearsal Tracks (Artist Recording)
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