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What We Do.

The Essential Administration Services team has over 50 years’ experience administering songs in the faith-based community of creatives. Our team focuses very heavily on our mission of providing “world class customer service through education, relationships, and transparency so that our clients can continue to create songs that change the world.”
Metadata Collection
We put your metadata to work, ensuring proper song/recording matches.
Our proprietary online license tool is a game changer. It allows us to move quickly with industry changes.
Our team works with partners across the globe to ensure that the original song meaning is not lost in translation.
Song Registrations
Song registrations that span across the world with societies on a global scale.
Royalty Collections
Our team pores over royalties from a multitude of sources to ensure proper payments to all our clients.
Client Services
Our team focuses on the client behind the song, making sure to take care of each song, royalty, and question that may arise.

Songs That Change The World.

24,533 Songs
135 Clients
17,674 Recordings

My Royalties

60 Day- Quarterly Schedule
Q1 (3/31)
January 1 – March 31st
May 30th payout
Q2 (6/30)
April 1 – June 30th
August 30th payout
Q3 (9/30)
July 1 – Sept 30th
November 30th payout
Q4 (12/31)
October 1 – December 31st
February 28th payout