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  • Always Be You

    recorded by:

    written by: Cecily Hennigan*/Mary Kuti*/Keila Marin*/Bede Benjamin Korporaal

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  • Damos Gracias

    recorded by: Lakepointe Musica feat. Jose Fiorentino

    written by: Lemuel Marin/Gustavo Antonio*/Keila Marin*/Rachel McMillan*/Jose Fiorentino*

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  • Encounter

    recorded by: Lakepointe Music

    written by: Chris Kuti*/Jose Fiorentino*/Mary Kuti*/Bede Benjamin Korporaal

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  • Faithful

    recorded by: Lakepointe Music, Gustavo Antonio

    written by: Gustavo Antonio*/Keila Marin*/David Cook*

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