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  • Love On Fire

    recorded by: Jeremy Riddle

    written by: Gabrielle Balachandran/Steffany Gretzinger/Jeremy Riddle/Ran Jackson*/Ricky Jackson*

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  • Make Us One

    recorded by: Jesus Culture (feat. Chris Quilala)

    written by: Ran Jackson*/Chris Quilala/Josh Silverberg/Ricky Jackson*

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  • Messengers

    recorded by: Lecrae (feat. for KING AND COUNTRY)

    written by: Ran Jackson*/Joel Smallbone/Luke Smallbone/Kenneth Mackey/Joseph Prielozny/Ricky Jackson*/Torrance Anton Esmond/Lecrae Moore

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  • Miracle

    recorded by: VoxMusic

    written by: Madison Copple/Justin Kendrick/Stephanie Taylor/Ran Jackson*

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