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After you’ve uploaded your video to YouTube you may be notified that your video contains music owned by a third party. This is called a “Content ID Claim.” This notice means that YouTube believes your video contains a Composition or a Sound Recording that is controlled by a Music Publisher or Record Label (i.e. Content Owner).

Assuming you agree that you do not control the Composition or the Sound Recording you can acknowledge the third party’s ownership with YouTube.

Content owners decide the type of music policy they want to put on their content:

  • Monetize: the copyright owner will place ads on the video to generate revenue
  • Block worldwide: the copyright owner doesn’t allow their content on YouTube. Your video may be taken down or the audio may be muted.
  • Block in some countries: the copyright owner restricts their content in certain countries. If you use copyrighted content that is bloced in the country you have uploaded your video in, your video may not be viewable.

Essential Music Publishing has a Monetize policy on all our content. Unless your video uses our song in a way that discredtis the message of the song being used, we won’t block your video.