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What is a New Digital Media Project?

New Digital Media is content that is available on-demand through the Internet, accessible through any digital device. Examples of New Digital Media are Digital Music Videos, YouTube Videos, Ringtones, Ringbacks, Video Ringtones or Video Ringbacks.

Possible Configurations

Digital Music Video

The Digital Music Video configuration grants rights distribution of Digital Music Videos, via permanent download, limited/time-out, streams, subscription services, cable services, rentals, and any other digital music video delivery method now known or hereafter discovered.

Ringtone (New Digital Media)

The Ringtone Configuration is a general configuration and grantsĀ Audio Master Ringtone, Audio Master Ringback, Video Master Ringtone, and Video Master Ringback rights. The Rates for each configuration are spelled out in the license agreement. For purposes of adding a Ringtone configuration to your request the rate will be the standard Ringtone Rate. Any changes to that rate will be based on language in the actual license agreement.

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