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Song Details

What are song details?

The Song Details provides you with the information related to the song (also known as composition or musical work). A song consists of the words and music. Our site displays the songwriters that wrote the song. We use * to indicate controlled songwriters.

Writers: Jason Ingram/Jonas Myrin/Matthew Redman

Translator: Laura Christensen

Language: Français/French

CCLI #: 7143578

Copyright Date: 07/13/2012

Song ID: 1272753_1


What is a translation?

A translation is the process of translating the original lyric language into a different language.

Qui peut sonder la source de ta grâce

Saisir ton immense valeur

Devant la beauté, l’éclat de ta face

Tout pâlit Seigneur



Tu es saint, Dieu Trois Fois Saint

Exalté, Dieu Souverain

Tu es saint, Dieu Trois Fois Saint

Jésus Tu es

Jésus Tu es


Ton nom puissant peut nous relever

Même dans la nuit ton amour brille

Un jour tous les yeux verront ta clarté

Ta gloire est sans pareille

Qui est comme Toi ?



Comment décrire ton nom

Dieu vivant et grand

Faire retentir le son

De ton nom puissant

La Vie, Le Grand Je Suis

Le nom de Jésus-Christ ?


Publishing Details

What are publishing details?

By default our site displays the controlled publishers that we represent. An * represents the controlled publisher. If you would like to see non-controlled publishers, simply click the Controlled Toggle and you’ll see all the publishers we believe to be associated with a song. If we do not control 100% of a song, you are responsible for contacting the other rights holders and verifying the accuracy of the non-controlled publisher’s information. Our site is simply a guide. If we know who the non-controlled publishers are, we try to provide their website or email in the Contact column.

Administrating Company
% Ownership
So Essential Tunes*
Essential Music Publishing LLC
Spirit Nashville Three (formerly West Main Music)*
Formerly West Main Music
Spirit Nashville Three/Windsor Hill (471092)
Jason Ingram
Unknown Publisher
Jonas Myrin/Matthew Redman
Unknown Publisher
Matthew Redman
Total Administered by Essential Music Publishing: 11.11%
* indicates controlled

Controlled Label Copy

What is controlled label copy?

We provide our controlled label copy for you to use in your project. If we do not control 100% of the song (composition or musical work) rights, it is your responsibility to locate the other owners and get their controlled label copy. The end result- you’ve cleared 100% of the song.

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*User must contact the other copyright owners for their label copy.