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Song Details

What are song details?

The Song Details provides you with the information related to the song (also known as composition or musical work). A song consists of the words and music. Our site displays the songwriters that wrote the song. We use * to indicate controlled songwriters.

Writers: Tiffany Hudson*/Davide Mutendji*/Justin Amundrud

Translator: New Church Worship

Language: 한국인/Korean

CCLI #: 7136580

Copyright Date: 08/30/2019

Song ID: 19016_5


What is a translation?

A translation is the process of translating the original lyric language into a different language.



Verse 1

당신만이 나의

모든 것

내맘 주를 알기




내 수치 버리네

내 죄 지워졌네

새롭게 시작될 이야기

다 괜찮을거야

주 말씀 신뢰해

주 영광으로 바뀌어지네



싸움 시작될때

담대하게 서네


You won’t let me down, let me down

전쟁 가운데서

함께하는 주님


You will never be the one to walk away/You won’t let me be the one to get away


Verse 2

당신 알기위해

나 태어나

조건 없는 사랑

이신 주


Chorus B

Yeah I know what

I know what my daddy said

You’ll never go

Publishing Details

What are publishing details?

By default our site displays the controlled publishers that we represent. An * represents the controlled publisher. If you would like to see non-controlled publishers, simply click the Controlled Toggle and you’ll see all the publishers we believe to be associated with a song. If we do not control 100% of a song, you are responsible for contacting the other rights holders and verifying the accuracy of the non-controlled publisher’s information. Our site is simply a guide. If we know who the non-controlled publishers are, we try to provide their website or email in the Contact column.

Administrating Company
% Ownership
Music by Elevation Worship Publishing*
Tiffany Hudson*/Davide Mutendji*
Music by Elevation
Centricity Songs
Justin Amundrud
Total Administered by Essential Music Publishing: 66.66%
* indicates controlled

Controlled Label Copy

What is controlled label copy?

We provide our controlled label copy for you to use in your project. If we do not control 100% of the song (composition or musical work) rights, it is your responsibility to locate the other owners and get their controlled label copy. The end result- you’ve cleared 100% of the song.

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Never Walk Away