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  • Blessed

    recorded by: JStu, Hyper Fenton, KB

    written by: Kevin Elijah Burgess*/Seth Fenton/Justin Stuart

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  • Can’t Tell It All (Remix)

    recorded by: Hulvey, KB & Lecrae

    written by: Christopher Hulvey/Kevin Elijah Burgess*/Lasanna Harris/Lecrae Moore/Ryan Bert/Zachary Paradis

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  • Daddy

    recorded by: KB feat. Dayshawnx

    written by: Kevin Elijah Burgess*/Quinten Coblentz/Maurice Fonville/Dayshawn Mojica

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  • Danza

    recorded by: KB with Niko Eme & Cardec Drums

    written by: Kevin Elijah Burgess*/Jacob Cardec/Hector Calvo Camacho/James McCurdy

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