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Essential Translations

Many of our songs are available in multiple languages.

Authorized Translations

  • C’est Accompli

    translated by: Gerard Coulibaly, Jeff Raoux, Ben Lütke

    written by: Mark Harris/Ethan Hulse*/Colby Wedgeworth*

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  • C’est Toi Que Je Reconnais

    english title: It's Always Been You

    translated by: Gerard Donnadieu

    written by: Phil Wickham*/Ran Jackson*/Ricky Jackson*

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  • Caminos Abrirás

    english title: Make A Way

    translated by: Edgar Aguilar, Jariel Navarro, Juan Monroy

    written by: Steven Furtick*/Chandler Moore*/Brandon Lake*/Patrick Barrett/Cody Carnes

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  • Cante Pra Mim

    english title: Sing To My Heart

    translated by: Mariana Campos, Rafael Ortega

    written by: Ran Jackson*/Jeremy Riddle

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