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Essential Translations

Many of our songs are available in multiple languages.

Authorized Translations

  • Casa de milagros

    english title: House Of Miracles

    translated by: Pamela Praniuk, God-First Arts Inc

    written by: Jacob Sooter*/Brandon Lake

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  • Ce même Jésus

    english title: The Same Jesus

    translated by: Matt Marvane

    written by: Matthew Redman/Josh Silverberg/Jacob Sooter*

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  • Celebrai

    english title: Shout It Out

    translated by: Kenye Ribeiro

    written by: Eddie Hoagland*/Joshua Seller*/Henry Seeley*

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    english title: Joyful (The One Who Saves)

    translated by: Chris Christensen

    written by: Jason Ingram/Brenton Brown

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Translated Videos