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Essential Translations

Many of our songs are available in multiple languages.

Authorized Translations

  • Fe De Lunes

    english title: Monday Morning Faith

    translated by: Lalo Melgarejo, Zamiel Siberio, and Edgar Aguilar

    written by: David Cook*/Michael Georgopulos*/Jacob Lynch*/Andres Paez*/Chelsea Plank*/Dan Rivera*/Austin Shuffit*

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  • Fé y Asombro

    english title: Faith and Wonder

    translated by: Lucía Parker

    written by: Meredith Andrews/Abbie Simmons/Cody Lee/Bethany Wohrle/Jacob Sooter

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  • Fe’th Folaf Yn Y Storm

    english title: Praise You In This Storm

    translated by: Arwel E. Jones

    written by: Bernie Herms/Mark Hall*

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  • Felly Mae

    english title: It Is So

    translated by: Arwel E. Jones

    written by: Chris Brown*/Steven Furtick*/Tiffany Hudson*/Brian Johnson

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