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Essential Translations

Many of our songs are available in multiple languages.

Authorized Translations

  • Donde Tú Vas

    english title: Wherever You Lead

    translated by: Edward Rivera, Art Aguilera, Omar Rodríguez, Antonio Marín, Isaac Gonzále

    written by: Kristene DiMarco/Dustin Smith/Mitch Wong/Ethan Hulse*

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  • Dort allein

    english title: Only There

    translated by: Simon Gottschick, Benjamin Bär

    written by: Shane Barnard/Bryan Fowler*/Grayson Kessenich

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  • Dort War Jesus

    english title: There Was Jesus

    translated by: Simon Gottschick, Philipp Görg

    written by: Zach Williams*/Jonathan Smith*/Casey Beathard

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  • Dostoin Ti odin

    english title: Worthy

    translated by: Миля Шаламова, RussiaWorship

    written by: Chris Brown*/Mack Brock*/Steven Furtick*

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Translated Videos