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Essential Translations

Many of our songs are available in multiple languages.

Authorized Translations

  • Deus É Bom

    english title: God Is Good

    translated by: Wagner Dorta, Zé Bruno, Silvera

    written by: Jonathan Caleb McReynolds*

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  • Deus Estará Por Onde Eu For

    translated by: Winicius Nathan, Conrado De Almeida

    written by: Matt Maher*/Mariah McManus*/Andres Figueroa*

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  • Deus Forte

    english title: Strong God

    translated by: Kenye Ribiero

    written by: Jason Ingram/Meredith Andrews/Jon Egan

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  • Deus Na Minha História

    english title: God Is In This Story

    translated by: Esdras Gallo

    written by: Ethan Hulse*/Katy Nichole/Jeff Pardo

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