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Essential Translations

Many of our songs are available in multiple languages.

Authorized Translations


    english title: God of the Promise

    translated by: Abraham Osorio, Crystal Velez, Edgar Aguilar, Isaac Moraleja

    written by: Aaron Robertson*/Chris Brown*/Steven Furtick*

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  • Dir ist alles möglich

    english title: More Than Able

    translated by: Daniel Harter, Jenni Terlitzki, Dennis Strehl, Johanna Kühlewein, Sara Lorenz-Bohlen

    written by: Steven Furtick*/Chandler Moore*/Ben Fielding/Naomi Raine

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  • Ditt Navn

    translated by: Abel Ringvold

    written by: Hank Bentley*/Andres Figueroa*/Mariah McManus*/Mia Fieldes*

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  • Diz

    translated by: Ana Nóbrega

    written by: Paul Mabury*/Jason Ingram*/Lauren Daigle/Michael Donehey*/Bebo Norman

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