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Essential Translations

Many of our songs are available in multiple languages.

Authorized Translations

  • Digno

    english title: Worthy

    translated by: Crystal Velez, David Espíndola, Isaac Moraleja, Israel Risco, Ale Berrios, Abraham Osorio, Evan Craft, and Edgar Aguilar

    written by: Chris Brown*/Mack Brock*/Steven Furtick*

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  • Digno, Digno

    english title: Worthy Worthy

    translated by: Beliza Minozzi, Letícia Isidio, Eduardo Isidio

    written by: Jacob Sooter*/Mia Fieldes*

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  • Dim ofn

    translated by: Rhys Hughes

    written by: Travis Ryan/Mia Fieldes*/David Anderson*/Adaeze Brinkman*

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  • Din godhet

    english title: Goodness of God

    translated by: Pål Kristian Helmersen, Bente Rørstad

    written by: Jason Ingram*/Jenn Johnson/Ben Fielding/Ed Cash/Brian Johnson

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